About the Blog


Launched 28th of APRIL 2016, THIS IS MY STORY is a website dedicated to share personal experiences and learning to inspire other people.

I started blogging since I was in Highschool. Back then I tried TUMBLR and BLOGSPOT. It was year 2016, month of February when I created a WORDPRESS account as my main blog site. Since then I really love writing. I was a former Journalism member during Grade 5 and 6 and during 1st year to 2nd year HS.


Why do I write?


I always wanted to inspire other. Through my experiences, words and sharing I want to touch other’s life as well. I aim that this blog site will be an instrument to boost other people to never be afraid to dream and set their goals in life.

This blog site will be a mirror of me achieving my dreams and goals in life as I inspire other people as well. Life is very much more than what we know. We must learn and experience it. Sometimes it’s better to get off on our comfort zone because it will widen our horizon and deepen our understanding about life.




You can read about LIFESTYLE, TRAVEL and different kind of adventures, LETTERS you can relate with, RANDOM THOUGHTS that will touch your life, FOOD blogs that will fill your tummy and STORIES that will inspire you. This is a series of journey of what my story will be. THIS IS MY STORY.

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Hope I can inspire you, move you and touch you. Let’s dare to dream. Let’s wander and never be afraid to take a risk sometimes. Let’s grow our faith with God and trust Him about our lives.


Have fun in reading my blogs, don’t forget to smile.

Come! Join me in my story, my ONLINE DIARY