Its Been A Year

It is indeed a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! πŸŽ‚

April 28, 2017 : my blog site turns 1 year old. Yey! Thank You Father God. I am indeed blessed.


Ever since I was a kid, I do love writing and reading. I just feel so happy and free doing those. I became a fan of different bloggers and such. I always dream to be as inspiring as them.

Then I found WordPress, a perfect blog site for me to start doing and writing what I always dream about. I’ll never forget how happy I became when I started posting my first blog. That was really amazing. I will also treasure that first time I had readers, followers and likes here in WordPress. I felt that I’m doing pretty well in this side of mine.

Blogging is one of the reason I am happy.

images (5)

THIS IS MY STORY, is a personal blog of mine. Wherein I am sharing my adventures and some of random stuffs about me and what I do. This has been my online diary. This has been a key for me to also inspire other people as well.

Now that I am a year older here in wordpress. I just want to make everything out of it. I want to inspire more people to dream and never give up on dreaming. I want to share you more about my story and about my journey.

Hope you’ll continue to read and support my blog. I will do my very best to write more.

Let’s dare to dream. ❀


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