Free Yourself from Fear

Your largest fear carries your greatest growth!”- Anonymous

Fear is something we all have in common. The only differences are the reasons behind it and on how we deal with it. There are times in my life when I am scared to try a new thing just because I can’t imagine myself failing, even if I know deep inside me that I am going to be good at that certain thing. I used to have doubts about what I can do. There are moments when I second-guess myself and doubt my own capabilities, fearing that I may badly hurt my self-esteem and may not recover from the blow. I became afraid of any rejections and failures. But our life will not get better by change instead it will by change.

Fear has two meanings:

Forget Everything And Run


Face Everything And Rise

Now it’s up to you on what you will do, it will depend on the choice you have and you’ll have.

However, I realized so much, that whenever I do that— whenever I allow my fears to dictate my decisions and actions, I would only be wasting opportunities. That instead of growing and learning more, I am, myself became a hindrance of it. I would be hurling away my chances to succeed and prosper. Remember, thinking will now overcome fear, but action will.

Fear is an illusion that our minds create to protect us from danger; but we should not allow it to disable us. It is a False Evidence of Appearing Real. Fear is NOT real.

Instead of thinking about fear, THINK about GOD. Nothing in life is to be feared, because we are guided by Him. He will never give us any challenges or tests that we can’t make. He always know that we can do it.

So stop fearing anything and start praying.


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