There were many people who wants to explore the world as much they want. Some wants to do it with their loved ones yet some prefer to do it alone. But there we’re several questions in their mind such as: “What others will think?”, “What their families will day?”, “Is it safe to do it alone?” or even “Can I do it alone?”. These are just several questions of travelers who want to explore alone. Maybe going out all by yourself is quite not common but I guess it’s worth a try.

  1. Eventual freedom.


Coming up with a decision to do this alone will surely give you a fear you’ve never felt before. I can promise you the moment you have packed your backpack and you walk out your house this fear will change into the greatest feeling of freedom you have ever experienced, this fear will turn into excitement and a much wider expectations and understanding about your life and other’s life. There is nothing and nobody stopping you from doing anything that comes up in your mind.

  • If you want to stay someplace for a month, YOU CAN.
  • If you want to go and hike the highest mountain. YOU CAN.
  • If you want to explore other places’ culture. YOU CAN.
  • If you want to leave a place after a day, YOU CAN.
  • If you want to go sky diving, YOU CAN
  • If you want to meet 1.000 new people, YOU CAN
  • If you want to spend a day, week or a month completely alone, YOU CAN
  • If you want to party every day, YOU CAN
  • If you want to never drink again, YOU CAN
  • If you want to take a rest for a while. YOU CAN.
  • If you want to go Island Hopping. YOU CAN.
  • If you want to eat their famous delicacies. YOU CAN.
  • All that jazz you want to do, nobody is going to stop you!


  1. You can be able to know yourself much better


There were certain things you’d do that you have never tried before. You’ll discover your weakness and strengths. You’ll test how far you can go. Going out there alone will bring you much confidence and strength to face life’s challenges. It will make you wiser about decisions and choices of life. You’ll know the other side of you, someone you’ve never imagined you’ll ever be. So don’t be afraid to spread your wings and go on, fly away.


  1. Opportunity to meet new friends.


Meeting new friends from every provinces and all over the world is the most eye opening thing you can do. It might be a little hard at first to put aside your programmed ideas, but eventually you will realize a lot of things are not the way you think they are. It will open your eyes about other’s culture, on how they live and their history.

A lot of our ideas and opinions are influenced by news reports and television shows and even if we don’t want it they form a bit part of what we think and say. Even social media plays a big role about how we gather ideas and opinions. But experiencing those are a different story, it’s a different kind of achievement in life.


  1. Find new places you love!


Travelling will lead you to so much. Places you’ll love and you’ll find true happiness on what you can do. Who might know you’ll find a new place you’ll love for a lifetime and maybe a love on that place you love.

All and all travelling is the most beautiful thing you can do it expands your mind. It makes you happy and grateful to be alive every day. So Go!!! Go and explore! It is worth it!


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