Dinosaurs Island – Clark, Pampanga


Come and see how dinosaurs used to live. Experience the dinosaur era, with life-size animatronic dinosaurs at Dinosaurs Island in Clark, Pampanga.

Be adventurous and discover the various dino-stories, watch the fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex Raw, get up close with your favorite Spinosaurus, Stegosaurus, Iguanodon and Triceratops and other Dino species.

This place is very suitable for kids and even adults who want to discover more about dinosaurs. Your kids will surely enjoy this place and at the same time will gain more learning.

Clark, Pampanga is just a 1.5 hours to 2 hours drive from Manila. Its very near and very easy to access.

Dino Trail is open every Mondays to Sundays from 8:00AM to 6:00PM.

You can experience the Dino Land for 350PHP (for Adult) and 300PHP (for Kids 17 years old and below) with a tour guide and a surprise mini-show at the end of the tour. Few reminders that these  following items may not be brought into the Park:

  • Dangerous or hazardous materials
  • Carts or other wheeled carriers (with the exception of strollers, wheelchairs and baggage with size smaller than 56cm x 36cm x 23cm)
  • Pets (with the exception of Service Animals)

There are food stalls outside the Dino Trail but you can also bring your own “baon”. Some restaurants are quite far at Dinosaur Island.

Aside from the Dino Trail there are other activities to enjoy also at the Dinosaur Island.


Discover mounted giant dinosaur fossils and over 4 skeletons that will help you understand move about the age of dinosaur.



Have fun and watch these gigantic creatures come to life. Using the latest animatronics technology similar to the techniques used in the movies we can make our giant dinosaurs run and move.



Experience being chased by different kinds of dinosaurs by riding our Jurassic Jungle Safari and feel the thrill as they try to knock your ride.



Prepare yourself for seven dimensions as you enter 70 Super Screen. As if you were there in the movie as you watch.



Take a picture in all wonders of the world, detailed and carefully replicate. Here you can see Taj Mahal, Pyramid of Egypt, Great Wall of China and many more.

To all parents out there bring your children here. I assure you that the whole family will have lots of fun. Adults are also welcome to visit and experience the place.

Enjoy and have lots of Fun ate Clark Pampanga’s Dinosaur Island ♥


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