I Am Blessed: Let’s All Be Grateful

Sometimes it’s easier to write down or say what we want from God but there we’re also times that we find it hard to think of what are the certain reasons why we are blessed in different aspects of our lives.

But we must remember that no matter how small it is, blessings are blessings and we must be thankful about it.

I am blessed …..

For the air I breath

For the life I have

For everyday I woke up

For the food I eat

Because of my loving family

Because of my friends from inside and outside the community

Because I have an understanding and patient GG

Because I have work

Because I am safe everytime I go to work and back at home

For guiding me Physically

For guiding me Emotionally

For guiding me Spiritually

For helping me Financially

Because I am losing weight

Because I am being much patient and understanding

Because I am learning to control my temper

Because I am becoming a better version of me

For letting me share my knowledge

For letting me share my talents

For being able to inspire other people

Because of the trials I encounter

Because I am loved

Because I know how to love

Because You forgive me

For giving me another chance

I am blessed, with so much.

You? What are the reasons why you are blessed? We are all blessed because God loves us so much. Can you share me several reasons why you are blessed?

Remember, we must thank Him for everything we have. He is a great God and He will never give us something not right for us or something we never deserves.


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