To End Up With You

The very first day that I’ve met you, 

I never knew that I’d fall in love with you this much. But right there and then, every time I think on how it all started, when your eyes found mine, my heart pump so hard that I couldn’t explain and suddenly didn’t know what to do. Should I say “Hi”? Or should I just nod and give you a smile? I chose to be your friend and sister but loving you is out of my control. 

And I’m indeed happy that my hands are what you’re holding every now and then. 

Our relationship may be an endless roller coaster ride, but I don’t care the ups and downs of this ride as long as you are here with me. God has His purpose on why He let us be together. I am willing to take any risks just to be with you. I am willing to take every challenges just to stay with you for the rest of our lives.

Right now, if there is one thing I am sure of…

You’re the one.

You bring out the best in me, everyday.

You support me in every way, even at the very silliest thing I want in life.

You always cheer me up and my plans in life.

You respect my parents as much as you respect me.

You don’t mind waking up early just for you to see me and drop me at the office.

You don’t mind staying up late just to talk to me and listening to an endless girl’s dilemma.

You don’t care if I stink just for you to hug me.

You pray with me.

You will always wake up early just to make it up on my jogging schedule and even extend additional time at night (if I have an evening run)

You don’t like lying except for surprises.

You buy stuffs that you don’t actually buy.

You do things that I never taught you’d do.

You crack jokes even though you knew I wouldn’t laugh.

You give me assurances every single day.

You boost my confidence every single time.

You balance me so well.

You make me feel happiness to the extent where nobody else can’t.

You love me.

You love God.

I will be eternally thankful  and blessed for having someone like you.

And I hope you end up with me.


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