Session 1: At All Times (CFC-SFC ICON 2017: ALL OUT)

“What it is that we guard? What do we value? What is most essential for us?”

Above all else, guard your heart. For everything you do flows from it. – Proverbs 4:23



Create in me a pure heart, O God, and anew a steadfast spirit within me. – Psalm 51:10

Temptations, threats and fears are far and wide. These are hindrances in building an intimate relationship with God. These draw us far from serving Him.

We are human, we committed mistakes and sins in life, but changing and wanting to be better is never too late. Grasping the fact that our oneness with God will safeguard ourselves and will help us deepen our relationship with Him more. Accept failures, pains, mistakes, sins and judgements. After accepting it and learning from it, ask for forgiveness and leave those depraved practices to start a new one.

God’s love us. He always wants the best for us. His presence are always present, let’s seek Him.



Fixed or broken, family is family.

There are different oppressions in the family, some will really test how strong the whole family is and some will just shake it a little bit to be much bonded. But this is the catch, no matter how big or small problems and trials are in a family, still fix everything.

Our family was a gift from above, it may took long to forgive and fix things but never lose a hope that it will be somehow soon. We must guard this gift from God and as much as protect it.

Make God the center of your family, make Him known and let your family members know Him deeper.



“If faith is not one, it is not faith.”

I am SFC and will always be a servant of God.

Do you questioned why you’re serving but still finding yourself keep doing and enjoying it?

Simple. This is your heart’s desires. Stop the doubt, you’re serving the Lord. Stop thinking of any negative things in life because you are chosen among others. Keep on serving because it will draw you near to Him. It will strengthen your faith and will make you a better version of yourself.

Live the faith.

At all times, guard your BEING, guard your FAMILY, guard your COMMUNITY.


Because God is guarding us up there.


Below are photos from SFC GLOBAL Facebok Page:



These are testimonies that prove how great Lord is. These people stood up their faith to God and choses to guard His greatest and precious gifts.

You’re never alone. God is with you. Choose to follow Him. Choose to live that faith.


Be Guarded. Guard His Gifts.


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