Weekend Trip at Tagaytay with Friends 2015

Last December 2016, together with my group of friends from college. We came up on an idea to have a reunion/Christmas Party. After how many suggestions of where to go, we finally decided to have a weekend trip at Tagaytay. Just a quick get-away from the city to just relax and bond with each other. Plus I guess it was indeed really a budget trip. So for those group who are planning to go on a quick escape from the city but still on a budget, this blog is really for you.

We left Manila at around 3PM on a Saturday. It was an easy ride after all. Commuting was never that hard. In order to go to Tagaytay there are several ways, you can bring your own car to have a much comfortable ride or you can commute. Just ride a bus at Cubao or a van at Star Mall Shaw Blvd.

But for us we took a bus as our way of transportation. We rode a bus going to Balibago, Laguna that took roughly 2hrs and the fare was more like a hundred and fifty or less. At Balibago Market there was terminal of jeepney going to Tagaytay, last stop was at Mahogany Market. The fare was like thirty pesos or less that took us almost an hour.

First Thing To Do at Tagaytay is to ……… Check In (we arrived at almost 8PM). Yes, time to do some wash up after a not-so-long and not-so-hassle ride.

Since we are on  a budget trip, we are very lucky to find this very affordable hotel:



Photo by Betty Tianco
  • Calamba Road, Sungay West, Tagaytay City, Cavite
  • Along the ridge road on the way to Picnic Grove, but not on the ridge side
  • Near a local church and many other Tagaytay hotels, lodges, and establishments with rooms for rent
  • Rooms are located on the lower levels of a structure also housing a café and art gallery, which are visible from the main road
  • Accessible via public transport, particularly local tricycles

Ideal for:

  • Backpackers looking for budget rooms in an artsy bohemian setting
  • Foreign travelers looking to experience a slice of local culture; highly popular with international travelers as it was featured in the Lonely Planet Philippines guidebook


    • Basic rooms with painted concrete walls, tiled floors, and simple, functional furniture
Photo by Betty Tianco
  • Bohemian ambiance of the sort preferred by globetrotting backpackers and budget travelers
  • The café and gallery are housed in a building with colorful walls, native wood furniture, and woven banig mats, with lots of vibrant, independent artwork lining the walls and floors


  • Four basic rooms with an option for ventilation by fan or air-conditioner; a single bathroom with basic  fixtures is shared between two rooms, each with direct access
  • Two rooms have queen beds, while two rooms have a twin setup using a pullout bed


Photo by Betty Tianco
  • Java Jazz Café and Restaurant, which serves coffee, hot chocolate, and freshly cooked meals
  • Art gallery selling paintings and other merchandise produced by local Cavite artists
  • WiFi sticks provided for guests upon request

– credits to: http://www.travelbook.ph/blog/java-jazz-lodging-house/

Java Jazz was indeed a budget wise lodging inn to go to. It’s more like less than 500PHP/person per night with breakfast if you are in a big group. Or a rate of 980PHP w/ breakfast for 2 at a fan room or if you want a much colder room, you can go on a 1,400PHP w/ breakfast for 2 at an aircon room. Not bad, right?

Tagaytay trip will never be complete if we will not eat their very famous, “BULALO”. #BULAlove

For our dinner, we went to: Mer-Ben Tapsilogan sa Tagaytay

Their Bulalo was great as well as their other menus. So its also a must to visit this place specially if you’re really in budget. But I’ll tell you there are A LOT of restaurants in Tagaytay that offer Bulalo and with different varieties. So you really must try it.

After dinner, we spend the rest of the night at Starbucks just before Rotanda if you’re coming to the side of People’s Park. There, we had more time for our bonding plus we also had our exchange gift. Its really a fun time even on a very simple moment when you’re with your trusted friends.

Around 11PM we decided to go back to Java Jazz and have some good rest and just enjoying the cold weather of Tagaytay.

Rise and Shine! But before everything, we decided to attend a mass first at a near chapel just across the place where we stayed.

After a mass, we enjoyed a great free breakfast at Java Jazz. #breakfastisbreakfast

Where To Go In Tagaytay?

There are so many places to visit in Tagaytay, namely:

  • Skyranch Tagaytay
  • Picnic Grove
  • People’s Park
  • Pink Sister
  • Puzzle Mansion
  • A Tour at Taal Lake
  • A Hike to see Taal Volcano up close
  • Good Shepherd

And so MANY MANY MORE. But for me, I decided to bring my friends at Sonya’s Garden. It was a great place for me. Not just that, it was very eco-friendly and there we’re no entrance fees plus there was a bakeshop that will really make you feel so at home when you taste their pastries. For more information please visit: http://sonyasgarden.com/

It was indeed a fun-quick-bonding with my college buddies. We enjoyed our trip at Tagaytay.

For those who are planning to go on a near-quick-rest, Tagaytay is a place for you.

Budget (estimated only)

Bus (vise versa) : 300PHP

Jeep (Balibago to Mahogany Market) : 25PHP

Java Jazz : 450/person w/ breakfast. We’re 8 in the group

A Budget of 1,000PHP to 2,000PHP will do. ♥


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