Mt. Maculot – Cuenca, Batangas (Dayhike)

Mountain Name: Mt. Maculot or Mt. Macolod
Location: Cuenca, Batangas
Height: Summit (930 Masl). Rockies (706 Masl)
Difficulty: 4/9
Trail Class: 1-3
Guide: Mandatory/Required

Mt. Maculot is one of the several scenic mountains surrounding the province of Batangas and undeniably one where Taal Lake is most beautiful to be seen from. She has been a mystery to many for a very long time as talks about it being enchanted has spread quite frantically among locals instilling both fear and curiosity among visiting mountain enthusiasts. While several deaths in this mountain have been recorded in the past with the most recent dating in 2013, it remained a favorite among climbers and is still packed with lively souls every single day.


My second time to organize a climb with these bunch of amazing people. It was also my 1st time to climb Mt. Maculot. You can check our group’s facebook group: Tropang Akyat Pilipinas ♥

It was Sunday, June 5, 2016 when we conducted the climb. We took the trail Rockies-Summit-Grotto as I was eager to experience the challenge and I also want my participants to feel it also as they appreciate nature more.

The climb kicked off at 7:30AM with a walk along the concrete Mt Maculot Rocky Road that was gradually ascending until its very end. We’re all was sweating profusely so we we’re just glad to see a resting camp as we turned left off the main road. Past that is a flat trail which will stretch for 15-20 meters and will descend to what seem like a multi-tiered waterfall which at that time was empty of water. Past that. The real ordeal begins.



After hours of painstaking assault, we reached the campsite at 9AM. We rested for a little and took some photos then headed towards the infamous Rockies.

First let me show you our group picture at the resting camp:



After several minutes of resting we continue to climb for our next destination: The Rockies. Quite hard but we enjoyed it so much. Because the view was just simply amazing.

The Rockies

From the campsite, we headed west for the Rockies. The trail was a straight path along overgrown grasses with the view of Taal Lake and the surrounding valley being seen all over. The hike from the campsite to the base of the Rockies took us 15 minutes.


The Rockies was very challenging we had to climb through boulders. The first part was the most difficult. We had to be careful not to hit our heads as we struggle to get to a safe spot.

We headed first to the right side of the Rockies, got some photos taken,



After we do our “photoshoot session” at the right side of the Rockies, we then continue to the left side (the famous part of the Rockies)



Great view, right? HAHA

We traced the trail we had come from to get to the Rockies to get back to the campsite. It was 10:00 AM and our tummies were already complaining. So we decided to eat. All of us decided to brought our packed lunch that’s why there’s no need for us to buy.

After satisying our thirst and hunger and as we felt well rested, off we went to conquer the summit at exactly 10:30AM.

Assault to the Summit

From the campsite, we headed east this time to start the climb to the summit. It was a quite long walk. Tiring yet fun. During that time, sky was being dark so we make it to the point to be quick for us not to let the rain e burden while we climb. After an hour we reached the SUMMIT already.


Yey! Good job guys! I am just very proud of you.


Going Down To Grotto

After a couple of minutes we began the descent to the Grotto when we realized there was already a swarm of people at the peak and was starting to get overcrowded. The trail going down although a lot easier looked more forested with rattan and overgrown bushes obscuring the trail made it hard to identify which way to go, even slowed us down as we tried to avoid getting cut with its thorns and razor sharp edges. There were 2 parts where we had to use a rappel (a thick rope tied at the top) to go down with the 2nd rappel being longer. This were the parts I found most difficult as I’m not much of a rope person and I am just really scared when going down the mountain.

Going up tp the Grotto then didn’t take too much of our energy as it was just really easy. We didn’t stay too long at the Grotto. We spent just a few minutes to say a little prayer, get some photos taken and to gaze the at summit for the last time.

From the Grotto, we went down through a concrete ladder which just took us 20 minutes to finish. A little walk from the base of the ladder parked several tricycles which took us back to the town proper of Cuenca.


I will never forget my Mt. Maculot climb. Yes it was a hard climb for me but everything was smooth and just happy. Thank you Lord God, we had a safe and great climb.

Tropang Akyat Pilipinas’ Event for Mt. Maculot

Mt. Maculot Day Hike – Cuenca, Batangas
13.9167°N , 121.05°E
Difficulty: 4/9
Traverse – Campsite, Rockies, Summit, Grotto
Amount: 750php

Meet up place: KFC Shopwise, Cubao
Meet up time: 3:00am
Departure: 3:30am
(since we’re doing traverse, we must start early)

0300-0330: Assembly at KFC Shopwise, Cubao
0330: Travel from Cubao to Batangas

0600/0630: Start Trek. Jump-off to Campsite
0815-0900: Campsite to Rockies
0900-0930: Rockies. Photo Ops
0940-0945: Rockies to Campsite
0945-1015. Rest. Snacks Time.
1015-1200: Campsite to Summit. Photo Ops. Lunch
1200-1330: Descent from Summit to Grotto
1330-1430: Descent from Grotto to Parking Area
1430-1500: Grotto to Brg. Outpost. Wash Up.
1530: Travel Home

* Van Transfer (Cubao to Batangas ang vise versa)
* Driver
* Driver’s Meal
* Toll Fees
* Registration Fees
* Local Guide Fees

* Shower Fees
* Food

Things to Bring:
* 2L Water
* Trail Foods
* Packed Lunch
* Raincoat (in case it rains)
* Scarf/Cap (to protect you from the heat)
* Flashlight/Headlamp (since we will start early)
* Extra clothes and own toiletries
* Garbage Bags (Remember, “Leave nothing but footprints.”)

Deadlines!!! PLEASE BE GUIDED!!!
Click “GOING” for those who are alredy sure so that I can start the headcount. Thank you!!!


We ask for a 50% downpayment for your reservation.

Bank (BPI)
Acct. Name: Princess Sheryll D. Lavarez
Acct. Number: 4179 2133 76

Name: Princess Sheryll D. Lavarez
Cellphone Number: 09983728615

50% downpayment is not refundable. Once event is cancelled due to the weather, we will move the date of the event. Thank you!


  • Commute – Take a bus from Buendia or Cubao going to Batangas then alight at Tambo Exit. Fare is P116 for those from Buendia and P140 for those hailing from Cubao. Then take a jeep going to Lemery and get off at Cuenca. Fare is P22. From Cuenca, ride a trike going to the main jump off point quickly stopping at the registration area (Rockies or Grotto). Fare is P20/pax

0400-0430: Assembly in Buendia or Cubao Bus Stations
0430-0600: Travel from Buendia to Batangas (Tambo Exit)
0600-0630: Tambo Exit To Cuenca Proper
0630-0645: Cuenca Proper – Registration/Barangay Outpost – Rockies Jump Off Point (Mountaineers Store)
0645-0700: Warm Up. Toilet.
0700: Start Trek
0700-0830: Jump Off To Campsite
0830-0845: Rest
0845-0900: Campsite to Rockies
0900-0930: Rockies. Photo Ops
0930-0945: Rockies to Campsite
0945-1015: Rest. Snack Time
1015-1130: Campsite to Summit
1130-1230: Summit. Photo Ops. Lunch
1230-1400: Descent from Summit to Grotto
1400-1430: Descent from Grotto to Tricycle Parking Area
1430-1500: Grotto to Barangay Outpost. Log Out. Wash Up
1500-1530: Barangay Outpost – Cuenca Proper – SM Lipa Bus Terminal
1530: Travel Home

Happy Climbing!


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