Maginhawa Street is one of the great go-to places for a food trip around the metro. There’s a huge range of restaurants and types of cuisine to fit any mood and craving of different genre of people. Many places in the area are small family-owned restaurants and even start-ups of young entrepreneurs with a laid-back and artsy vibe. In fact, Maginhawa Street has become a “tourist attraction”, especially for food lovers, like me.

One place that attracted me most and really made me wanna try it was THE LOST BREAD along 91 Maginhawa St. UP Village. Quezon City 1101.


The place was cozy and yes the name made me so curious. Another thing was it was mentioned by a friend of mine before that’s why I really want to try it also.

I visited the place with my family, also an early birthday celebration for my little sister. Luckily during our visit it was not really crowded so we enjoyed the place a lot.


Relaxing and really inviting: that’s what I can describe the place so much. It suits the theme of the place and also a good area for barkada bonding, dates, chill time and even for family bonding.Additional to these was the good staffs they have. Very accommodating.

We deiced to eat their 4 “Best To Try” frappuccino.


Bonfire, Popshake, Cookie Jar and Carousel

I was really amazed by their way of serving their shakes. They call these as “OVERSHAKES“. Yes really “OVER“. Over in everything. HAHA!

A little pricy, yes. But really satisfying. The money you’ll spend will not put into any waste. You’ll just enjoy and for sure you’ll take a photos of these too.


Very Instagram worthy photo, right?


Yeah! Here I am, excited to try all of these shakes. Yey! Happy Tummy again.

We also tried their:




White Truffle Carbonara

It was not a mistake that we ordered both because it tasted really good.


Have yourself a sweet treat. Visit The Lost Bread and Maginhawa St., Quezon City.

You’ll love the area of Maginhawa.

Hi there! Don’t forget to follow my blog. Happy eating everyone! ♥



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