Sambokojin: Grill-All-You-Can , Eat-All-You-Can

Different food and culture are virtually indistinguishable in the Philippines, where the average person eats five meals daily. Eating is an important time for Filipinos to come together over a table full of food, whether home-cooked, in a restaurant or even in a buffet. Filipinos  just really love to it.

But did you know also that many Filipinos also enjoy eating Japanese and Korean cuisine? The proof were the merging Japanese and Korean Buffet: Sambokojin.

Who will not be amazed by the fact that it is a buffet while you can grill your own food. It really sounds exciting and fun. Varieties of cuisine offered are also wide. From seafood, meat, chicken, pasta, vegetables and desserts.

There are numbers of branches here in the Philippines offering Japanese Yakiniku, Korean Barbeque, Japanese Specialties, Korean Specialties, Carving, Rice Specialties, Sushi and Sashimi and lots of Appetizers, Salad and Soup.


One branch I already visited was located in Eastwood City. The place was really big and very comfortable. Officers and staffs are so nice and the food are all prepared neatly. Another good thing is that it not crowded and easy to find. You’ll enjoy the place so much. Not just because of the food but also because its a perfect bonding you can have with your family.









HEAVEN right? HAHA! I know the feeling. When I was just looking on the photos I am really carving as well. FOOD are GREAT and WORTHY.



I just love shrimp and those bacon with cheese. As well as the beef and egg.


Cucumber salad will always be my favorite. I also enjoyed the sweetened potato with marshmallow. The one located at the upper-right. Its new on me yet it tasted so good.


More BEEF. I love the feeling of grilling.


Nothing goes wrong with DESSERTS. I just love these set so much. Especially the ice cream , red velvet, the purple one (like an ube cake) and the coffee jelly.

FOOD. FOOD. FOOD. I loved it and enjoyed it so much.

Try SAMBOKOJIN also guys.

Check their official website:

You can see their menu, branches, contact numbers, the rates and promos there.

I’ll tell you. Its worthy.



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