Mt. Balagbag – Norzagaray, Bulacan

Part of Sierra Madre range, Mt. Balagbag’s location is quite recognizable. At over 700 MASL, it stands in the middle of Central and Southern Luzon with a summit that offers a wonderful view of a wide horizon stretching from Malabon to Manila to Makati’s cityline to Parañaque and Baywalk.

Mt. Balagbag has been a favorite, not only of hikers, but also mountain bikers (who consider it as one of their favorites) because of its proximity to the Metro and even a training field for trail runners. The trail is one of the easiest that you can try, either by biking, running or hiking to the peak.

This mountain also has infinity-like waterfalls and rivers that provide you with the opportunity to traverse San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan or other barangays of Rodriguez, Rizal. The view was also spectacular and breath-taking.

This time I’ll share to you how I witnessed the beauty of Mt. Balagbag. It was month of March, 2016 when I first went on an overnight climb and my so called, “alone climb” / “soul searching climb”. A friend of mine told me that Mt. Balagabag is a good mountain to climb specially for beginners like me.
It was a different experience because I am thrilled about doing it overnight wherein I’ll really experience to camp. Lucky me, I was able to meet other hikers during the climb and that made me more comfortable to do it in overnight. I shared foods and tents with them.
You can see above our tent. I stayed inside the gray-blue one. I just feel so excited. Really excited.
So let me get this.
I traveled from Cubao to Bulacan for almost 1 and a half hour, took a jeep going to the Brgy. for almost an hour also. Its like a started my travel at around 10am and started climbing at around 1pm. (Since I did this last March, sorry I forgot some details about the places.)
Climbing Mt. Balagbag is not that hard yet just fun. The trail is really good for beginners. It just hot because month of March was nearly summer. You just have to patient.
After almost an hours of hiking, I reached that place we’re we had to place our tent for camping. That was around 2:30pm.There we’re I met the other hikers.  We cooked food for our late lunch/early dinner. HAHA! Tinolang manok and fried chicken is on the go. Thanks to our chef.
While others are cooking, some are building the tents already.
Look. I’ll show you the beautiful sunset of Mt. Balagbag ♥
Breathtaking right?
Ooopsss, look there was also a small swimming pool at the camp site for those who want to deep in, in a fresh water pool. And experience how cold it was.
That was a great day!
We slept at around 10pm after long chit-chats and food trips.
On our second day, I decided to climb again and reach the summit. I started climbing at around 9am after breakfast.
You really don’t have to worry about the trail because it’s really easy. I just enjoyed it o much. It was just 30 mins away from the camping site.
Taaaahhhhh-daaaaah ♥ CessyWanderlust at the summit of Mt. Balagbag.
I am a happy kid. I just feel so blessed that I was able to reached the summit. I can see the view of Bulacan and Rodriguez, Rizal from where I am standing. It’s just another great creation from above.
But because of the heat, I wasn’t able to stay longer. So I decided to go back at the campsite after I took photos.
While on my way down, I saw this tree and decided to took a photo of it.
I don’t know why it got my attention. But I saw myself in this tree during those days. I may be alone but I’ll stay strong. That was what I am thinking during those moments. HAHA! Dramatic? Sorry. 😀
I continue going down as I passed through a Halo-Halo stand.
“May halo-halo sa bundok.”
Something prefect for the heat. ♥
At around 12nn I am back at the camp site. I decided to join the others in going down. We went down at around 3pm. It was challenging going down because it was raining. Yet with the help of other hikers, I made it.
After 2 hours of going down, we rode a jeep for almost 1 and half hour then bus from Bulacan to Cubao. I reached Cubao at around 7:30pm.
It was an amazing climb. First overnight experience but super worthit. ♥
(Sorry, I can’t post an exact itinerary of my climb, but TRY Mt. Balagbag. You will not spend more and on the other hand gain more, more and more experiences).
Thank you Mt. Balagbag ♥
As the sun comes down, I will never forget what you’ve done into my life. I’ll surely come back. ♥
Hi guys, hope you like it. Follow my blog.
Love. Love. Love

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